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Coaching – a process whereby two people sit down and try and figure out what the hell one of them wants’.

The most common goal people come to me with is a desire for clarity – clarity about what they want, clarity about the next step needed, clarity about why they keeping getting in their own damn way or running into the same obstacles.

What we create together is calm, and choice – choice to decide on new directions, to change habits, to enjoy the journey.  Choice is found in the gaps – between thoughts, between trigger and reaction, in being, not doing.

Spacious, intentional living.

Take a deep breath. It’s closer than you think.


Set a direction

Explore the landscape of your motivation so that you can be sure that you are taking the right course.

Feel better, now

  • Improve your well-being levels in multiple aspects of your life
  • Develop sustainable physical, mental and emotional habits that support your overall health

Kickstart something exciting

  • Launch a business
  • Write a book
  • Retrain
  • Plan a life transition
I approached Abi to help work through some difficult business decision-making. She helped clarify things to make the decision incredibly simple. She has been a pleasure to work with. Her approach is organised and methodical, but she’s also very kind and supportive. Utterly reliable and professional, I wholeheartedly recommend her. Richard Agnew

Abi has provided me with a safe and supportive space to explore my ideas for a new business proposal.
These ideas have now turned into a reality.
Thank you so much! John Turner


Groups and Training

I am able to offer a range of workshops on wellbeing, resilience and coaching themes – my style in interactive and experiential, with signposted resources to allow for academic follow up of the evidence base behind the material presented. I have a team of presenters I work with, giving participants the opportunity to engage with different perspectives and benefit from varied skills sets and background experiences.

1:1 coaching

I am happy to work face to face, by phone, or video call. Sessions usually last an hour, and discounted rates are available for those who purchase a package. Package deals come with the potential for touching base by email or Facebook group between sessions, and I will share resources and exercises with you to support continued reflection.

Let’s Talk

If you are interested in experiencing the benefits of coaching, I’d love to talk with you.

I’m happy to offer a 30 minute FREE consultation, by phone, face to face or video chat, to help you make your decision.

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