‘A human development process that involves structured, focused interaction, and the use of strategies, tools and techniques to promote desirable and sustainable change‘ (Cox, Bachkirova & Clutterbuck, 2010)

”A process whereby two people sit down and try to figure out what the hell one of them wants’ (possibly Erickson about psychotherapy, quoted in Way, 2013)

What do you want?

We all get stuck at times – struggle with decisions, get frustrated with the habits we fall into, get noisy in our heads, feel stressed and anxious and sad, lose focus at work, make assumptions which get in the way of us doing what we want to do and being the way we want to be. We want clarity. Peace of mind, A sense of direction. Renewed purpose. To be our best self.

Coaching is a space to get quieter. To explore what’s really going on. To both think hard, and learn when not take your thinking too seriously. To plan new strategies, and evaluate their helpfuness. To have your perspective challenged by someone whose sole focus, for the time you are together, is YOU. 

‘Tell me, what are you going to do with your one wild and precious life?’ (Mary Oliver)

You choose what you want to work on – wellness, work, study, aspirations, frustrations, habits, life purpose, a life transition – and show up with your honesty, emotions and desire to embrace change.

.You have my attention.

(and my toolkit).

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