About Me

We are all capable of increasing the amount of peace, meaning and satisfaction in our lives – but sometimes we need support on our journey, someone to listen empathically and facilitate a dialogue that helps us find clarity, direction and build momentum. I have always been fascinated by research into resilience and happiness, evidenced-based ways to promote positive growth.  On my journey, I’ve also acquired some perspectives on the relationship between our thoughts, feelings and actions that have resulted in greater peace of mind with less striving. I’m fascinated by all our ways of knowing – what happens when we listen to our emotions, intuition, sensations.

Like many of us, I am constantly aware of the need to balance work, study, leisure and family life – my resilience and energy are shored up through a combination of organisation skills, mindfulness, exercise, nutrition, and knowing what I love to do and giving it time and space – reading, cooking, creating and lots of time in green spaces. Your answers to life challenges may be different – let’s explore them.


  • MSc Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology
  • Solutions Academy Coach Supervisor
  • Advanced Certificate in Solution Focused Practice
  • Level 3 certificate in Solution Focused Practice
  • Fusion Certified Therapeutic Coach (FCTC) – Therapeutic Coaching Diploma, Master Trainer, & Mindfulness Based Mind Management Master Trainer
  • Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional
  • Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher training
  • Certificate & Cert HE Integrative Counselling
  • Member of the BPS special coaching group & the UKASFP
  • EMCC Accredited Senior Practitioner
  • Insured and professionally supervised

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